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The silicone baking mat turns your pan into a nonstick surface. Easy to clean and no more grease or parchment paper . A tool used by professional chefs for years can now be used in your home.
The FiberSil baking mat is made of non-toxic silicone rubber and uses reinforced fiberglass inner fabric for strength.
The mat can be used to bake cookies, pastries, frozen foods, or anything you can imagine.
Easily cleaned with hot water and soap.
Can be used in conventional or microwave ovens for baking.

  • Don't impact violently or scratch with sharp instruments
  • Don't use it without food when heating in microwave oven
  • Avoid sudden large changes in temperature. (Do not take from refrigerator into hot oven, let warm to room temperature first.)
  • Don't impact violently or scratch with sharp instrument
  • Do not use with a broiler or open flame
  • The temperature should never be over 480 Fahrenheit when in use it. If you are using your mat at high temperatures (above 400 degrees check your oven with a thermometer as we have seen ovens as much as 50 degrees higher than your thermostat is showing. The lower the temperature the longer it will last

Before Using:
Suffocation Hazard: Remove the protective cellophane cover and dispose of safely by cutting into pieces with scissors and placing in trash receptacle away from children and pets. This cover is not to be used as a toy.

Never Use Your Baking Mat Without A Pan Or Sheet.

Never Use Over an Open Flame (Bar-B-Que).

For best satisfaction and performance curing is preferred:

Your new silicone baking mat is similar to a new teflon waffle iron, skillet or griddle when new and requires some preparation before using.

Wash your new baking mat in warm soapy water rinse well and dry.
Heating the first time at a high temperature may produce a light smoke depending on the temperature. Lower temperatures do not usually cause this. (THIS IS COMMON WITH ALL SILICONE BAKING MATS- Silpat, Artisan Metal Works, .etc. This is cause by the curing process. A silicone baking mat when new is uncured similar to that new teflon appliance. Additionally some smoking may be caused by the residual oil from the manufacturing process that may not be completely removed from washing. To make this a non issue before using follow the directions on curing below.

Curing You Baking Mat :

After washing and drying your baking mat place on baking pan or sheet. Place in a 325 degree oven and heat for 5 minutes then 350 for 5 minutes and then 375 - 400  degrees for a few minutes and let cool. When cool wash and let dry. Your baking mat is now ready to use. Your baking mat is now fully cured and ready to use. Your baking mat is usable from --40 degrees F to 482 degrees F. At high temperatures it is best to use on the middle oven rack.

Special Instructions For Toaster Oven Baking Mats:

Because toaster oven heating elements are very close to the item you are cooking compared to full size ovens and in a very confined space this information wil help you get the most out of your toaster oven baking mat.

Toaster oven thermostats are not as accurate as those on most full size ovens. Because of this and the close proximity of the heating elememts we recommend you do not exceed 360 - 375 degrees F on your thermostat dial.

Raising temperatures over 375 degrees F when used in your toaster oven is not recommended. Maximum temperature is 482 degrees when used in a  full size oven. If your toaster oven uses top and bottom or top only heating elements place the pan on bottom rack if possible or reduce the heat directed to the mat.

 Normal Use:

Staining over a period of time is normal. This is dependent on what you cook. Cooking meats will eventually stain your mat. Not cleaning well will also eventually cause staining of the mat. This staining will not effect the performance of your mat. I have a mat I use in my toaster oven everyday and it never gets washed just rinsed a little, it looks terrible but it works life new.